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Phentramine HCL

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    Reduce calorie intake by 30% (about 900 calories a day)  Lose 10 - 15 pounds in 4 weeks


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Reduce calorie intake by 45-50% (about 1500 calories a day)  Lose up to 20 pounds in 4 weeks


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Testimonial from Vernon H. of West Harrison, IN: (Recent)

This product does work!  This product does not make you feel nervous like some other weight loss products do.  I was gaining some weight and started to worry about my health.  This product will help you from feeling hungry all the time.  Just take it like it says before meals, and before long you will be able to wear some of your old clothes.  This product does make you NOT want to eat all the time.  Everything the company says about this product I found has been true.

Starting weight: 206
Current weight: 185
Goal weight: 175


Hello, My name is Judy and I am 59 years old. I live in New Orleans , Louisiana . I have been taking Phentramine for approximately 2 months and have lost about 7 lbs. I was diagnosed with thyroid disease in 1992. Since the typical diet pill will raise my heart rate and cause breathing to be erratic, I cannot use them.  There are no such side effects with Phentramine. With the safer ingredients, all it does is help me control my appetite. There isnít a lingering feeling of anxiousness. I also control my fat intake to an appropriate amount, and walk for low-impact exercise.  I am very pleased with this diet product.

Judy - New Orleans, LA

(25 lbs lost): Recently Updated

Starting weight: 186
Current weight: 161
Goal weight: 150


Hello, my name is Christine, Iím 32 years old and I live in Lewisville, Texas. Iíve always struggled with my weight. Iíve taken about a dozen different diet pills over the years that claim to curb your appetite.  They all raised my heart rate and seldom curbed my appetite. Iíve been taken Phentramine for 5 weeks now and Iíve lost 19 lbs. One of the great things about this product is the absence of side effects. I do not feel jittery and I donít have hunger pains at the end of the day. I injured my knees in a skiing accident, so medium to high impact exercises are impossible for me. By watching what I eat and low impact exercise such as walking, I am having great success. 

Christine - Lewisville, TX


I was measured again this month and I've lost 28lbs and 31 inches!  I want to lose another 15 to 20 lbs.


Starting weight: 220
Current weight: 150
Goal weight: 130


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About Phentramine

Phentramine is an amazing and highly effective pharmaceutical grade diet pill made with an exclusive blend  of ingredients formulated to help suppress your appetite, enhance your metabolism, increase your energy level, promote lean body mass and help you lose weight quickly and keep it off! Taking Phentramine with an 8 oz. glass of water a half-hour before breakfast and lunch gives you a feeling of being full and satisfied. The simple fact when taking Phentramine Diet Pills is that you just won't want to eat!


Phentramine Advantages

Phentramine is 100% safe and non addictive, contains no harmful stimulants, and does not cause shakiness as with most typical diet pills. Phentramine Suppresses Appetite * Burns Calories Through Thermogenesis * Increases Energy Levels * Instructs The Brain That You Are Full * Elevates Your Mood * Has No Adverse Side Effects * Increases Mental and Physical Energy * Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels And Cravings * Has No Artificial Or Synthetic Agents * Is Ephedra Free * Phentramine ensures outstanding effectiveness without the dangers of unproven ingredients.


Worldwide Recognition

Phentramine contains the new Ephedra alternative Synephrine HCL, providing the highest quality, and most potent product on the market for energy. Phentramine also contains Phenylethylamine recognized worldwide as a powerful appetite suppressant. Formulated with such outstanding and proven, all natural ingredients, Phentramine Diet Pills are regarded as one of the safest, most effective and powerful appetite suppressants today!

Success Stories

First of all, thanks so much for your spectacular customer service!!  After taking Phentramine for almost 90 days, my friend Kendra and I are well on our way to feeling better, looking better and bringing our bodies to a healthier level.  Kendra needs to lose about 25 pounds, more concerned with her cholesterol being elevated than with appearance.  She's lost 17 pounds, works out daily and is feeling great....(cont.)




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